It’s nearly Christmas!

Today is the 7th of December and I am so excited because there is only 18 more sleeps until Christmas!

I am back to school from the weekend and ready for the week. I have already had two tests today and I have probably failed them!

Anyway today I am blogging about Christmas as you may know from the title ‘ It’s nearly Christmas!’ In my blog today, I will be saying what I love about Christmas and what is my favourite bit about Christmas.

I love Christmas so much because I love he build up to it and then on Christmas Eve your so excited for Christmas and hope that you get all the presents you want. On Christmas morning I love waking up and I normally have a present in my room. Then me and my bro’s go in my mum and dads room and wake them up. We go down stairs and have a sack full of presents! Before Christmas, I love getting cards from my friends and opening them.

My favourite part of Christmas would probably be Christmas Day because you wake up and them open presents, have a roast and see friends and family.

I hope that you liked this blog today. Make sure to follow me, like all of my posts and comment. Please comment what you love about Christmas and why you love it. Also say what your favourite part of Christmas is!

agirlslifexoxo ❤️

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