Omg 5 days until Christmas!

Hey all you girls out there, it’s almost Christmas! There is only 5 days to go until Christmas and I am so excited.

Todays blog is going to be about Christmas presents. You might think that a blog on Christmas presents is a bit strange but I wanted to do a blog. I didn’t  know what to blog about so I decided that Christmas presents would be a great thing to blog about.

I love Christmas especially when you open the presents. You feel excited and you try to figure out what the present is going to be by shaking it or by taking a tiny peek by tearing some of the wrapping paper.

When you wake up on Christmas Day, your so excited to open all of the presents and play with them. Presents are one of my favourite things about Christmas are they one of yours? What’s your favourite part about Christmas?

I hope that you liked this blog today! make sure to follow me, like all of my posts and comment.

agirlslifexoxo ❤️






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